Cod. 081

Reproduction of a fine Vintage Gold Frame gilt on wood. It’s a 19th-century Italian style frame with acanthus decorations all along its sides

Width cm 9

Vintage Gold Frame

Reproduction of an Italian Vintage Gold Frame gilt on wood. This Reproduction of a late 19th-century frame is good to frame several style paintings. You can use it for portraits, landscapes or still life as well. | Calculate Price | We Ship it in 60 DAYS from the order and the shipping process, which is by DHL, lasts about 2 days for Europe and 5 days for the rest of the world.

Properties of the Vintage Gold Frame

This Vintage Gold Frame is made of Ayous and tulipwood perfectly combined together. That is the way we build our picture frames to obtain a good strength with the minimum weight. Ayous is a softwood very easy to work with and very light. Contrarily tulipwood is heavy and hard and it is key to strengthen the entire body of the frame. Ask to customize the rabbet size if you need it.  If you need it larger than the standard size of 1 cm just ask. We can do a modification to the rabbet either to cover more than 1 cm of painting or show more of it.

Section width cm 9
Rabbet cm 1

Vintage Gold Frame Decorations

The carving is handmade and you can watch a video of the carving process following this link to our Youtube Channel. | We are one of the first enterprises that handle wood pulp carving for frames. We use this method because we obtain great results at a very low cost!

Our wood pulp si 95% composed of wood so our products are durable. We realize for affordable prices good quality reproductions of antique picture frames for museums and art galleries.

Darkening the Vintage Gold Frame reproduction

Darkening the frame is the most important step in manufacturing a reproduction frame. This process is made by a complex series of steps: Gilders use stones with different shapes to hit the surface of the frame and create tiny broken parts.  They would make look the reproduction as an original model. In addition, the wormholes are fake as well, in fact, if you check carefully the corner detail you’ll be able to see them. 

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