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Reproduction of an Antique oval picture frame carved and gilt on wood. It has got a typical Roman style shape

Width cm 8.5

Antique oval picture frame

Reproduction of an Italian Antique oval picture frame carved and gilt on wood. This Roman Baroque oval frame appeared firstly in the late 17th-century.

It’s a model available in any size, therefore, you can fit with it any oval painting. Calculate price using our algorithm. Check delivery time before buying.

Properties of the antique oval frame

This reproduction of a Baroque oval frame is made of ayous and tulipwood combined together. As a result, we obtain the maximum strength with the minimum weight. Customize the shape of the oval sight as you prefer.

To realize the oval shape for your painting, you must send us a drawing of its real size. First, put the painting on paper, and then draw the perimeter with a pen.

This way, we will be able to realize the right rabbet of the frame. When you will insert your artwork into the frame, they will match perfectly.

Section width cm 8.5
Rabbet cm 1

Baroque oval frame decorations

Decorations are typically in Roman style. Its profile is made of convex and concave surfaces split by three different types of carvings. Plus, four corner decorations enrich the style following the shape of the oval sight.

This model is named after the 17th-century famous Neapolitan painter Salvator Rosa, even if it has not much connection with him. The connection could be due to the fact that there are many Salvator Rosa paintings framed with this model.

Therefore, we don’t think this model is a source of the creativity of Salvator Rosa himself. We think instead, that its style is derived from the section of a Doric column. 

The carving of this antique oval picture frame is in wood pulp. We prepare it using recycled wood, glue, and solvents. First, we insert it manually into the molds, then we extract and mount it on the frame. When it gets dry, we carve and gild it by using our master’s touch.

This procedure saves many hours of manual work and lets us obtain an extraordinary result. Watch a video of the full carving process following this link to our Youtube Channel: Wood pulp carving 

Antique dark color for the Baroque oval frame

“Patina” is an Italian word that refers to how dark and distressed is the frame. Apart from dark gold, the age of frames is determined by few cracks and tiny broken parts. For this reason, our gilder uses different tools to distress the gilded surface. Even the wormholes are fake. In fact, you can notice them by analyzing the pictures above.

Aging process videos:

Explanation of the 1st phase of the patina
Explanation of the 2nd phase of the patina
Rubbing out gold
Distressing the gold surface
Fake wormholes
Darkening by shellac
Final result

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