Cod. 011

Reproduction of a Renaissance Picture Frame with gilded painted ornates and black lacquer

Width cm 11.5

Renaissance Picture Frame

Reproduction of Renaissance picture frame with painted gilt decorations on black paint. This Siena 16th century model is available for any particular painting size.

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The frame is made of ayous and tulipwood perfectly combined together to obtain maximum strength. This frame is completely customizable in order to meet any client’s desire.

Section width cm 11.5
Rabbet cm 1

Renaissance Decorations

The process of decoration is entirely made by hand. Any single black square is diligently painted one by one upon a gilded surface giving to this frame an extraordinary look. The town of Siena, during Renaissance, manifested its art with a particular focus on painted and gilded squares. It is a kind of decoration that one can easily see all over the architecture of the town itself.

Even the corner decorations are very typical of Renaissance art. The logic of their structures is always the same, very few details change from frame to frame. Below we share a video that shows the gilder in action with a very innovative technique to realize the gold corner decorations.

It is a technique that allows prices to remain quite affordable. On the contrary, the use of the original gilding technique would arise the final price quite a lot.

Gold painted decorations for Renaissance frames

Patina (age of the Renaissance frame)

“Patina” is an Italian word that refers to how dark and distressed is the frame. Apart from dark gold, the age of frames is determined by few cracks and tiny broken parts. For this reason, our gilder uses different tools to distress the gilded and the lacquered surface. Wormholes are fake as well: You can notice them by analyzing the pictures above.

Aging process videos:

Explanation of the 1st phase of the patina
Explanation of the 2nd phase of the patina
Rubbing out gold
Distressing the gold surface
Fake wormholes
Darkening by shellac
Final result

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