Cod. 010

Reproduction of Italian Baroque Frame carved and gilt on lime wood. It’s a late 17th-century Bolognese style frame

 Width cm 14.5

Baroque frame

Reproduction of an Italian Baroque Frame carved and gilt on wood. Calculate price using our algorithm. Check delivery time before buying.

Properties of the Baroque frame

This Bolognese Baroque frame is made of lime and tulipwood combined together. As a result, we obtain the maximum strength with the minimum weight. The tulipwood in the back strengthens the structure while the lime in the front maintains it quite light.

The four corner leaves and the outer decoration are in wood pulp. The big balls and the big carvings below are carved on lime. This frame is completely customizable in order to meet any client’s desire.

Section width cm 14.5
Rabbet cm 1

Decorations of Baroque Frame

Most of the carving is handmade like in ancient times. It is a very long procedure that requires great skills. You can watch a video of the classical carving process applied on a similar model following this link to our Youtube Channel: Wood carving process.

The four leaves and the outer ornamentation are carved on wood pulp following a very innovative technique. See a video to check the quality of the work made on a similar model: wood pulp carving.

Antique dark color

The antique dark color of this frame is probably the most important quality that makes appear this model an authentic frame. The process of aging the gilded surface of this Baroque frame reproduction is very complex and requires a lot of experience.

Our Gilders, to do that, use small stones to hit its surface in order to realize a few fake broken parts. Wormholes are fake as well so that you don’t have to worry about the integrity of the frame. In other words, any little crack, and the wormholes as well, are just a part of our technique.

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Rubbing out the gilt surface
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Shellac to darken the gold
Applying the dark shellac
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