Cod. 203

Vintage silver photo frame finished in antique style. It’s an early 18th-century reproduction frame in Neoclassical style

Width cm 6


Vintage silver photo frame

Reproduction of a vintage silver photo frame made of ayous. This early 18th-century style frame is good for any photograph or painting. | Calculate Price | We Ship it in 60 DAYS from the order and the shipping process, which is by DHL, lasts about 2 days for Europe and 5 days for the rest of the world.

Properties of vintage silver photo frame

This vintage silver photo frame is made of ayous and tulipwood. We use ayous for the frontal side, the one silvered, and we use tulipwood for the back. As a result, the frame results to be very strong but with the minimum weight.  Customize the rabbet size as you want. For instance, if you want to show a bigger part of the painting you can ask to reduce it.

The rabbet height can be changed at the pleasure of customers.  

  • Section width cm 6
  • Rabbet width cm 1

vintage silver photo frame Decorations

The molding profile is made by heavy machinery which allows producing a huge quantity per day. Watch a video of the picture frame molding process following this link Video. This is one of the simplest molding profiles we supply to our clients. There are no many carvings on it apart from the four corner roses. Check model #035 to see a silvered Venetian carved frame.

Dark finishing for vintage silver frame

“Patina” is an Italian word that refers to the color of the frame. Specifically, it refers to how dark would be the finishing.  To be able to do an astonishing Patina is the most important skill of the framer in order to make seem the Reproduction frame like an original vintage frame.

We run the process using different types of stones. Our workers hit with them along its sides creating a few broken parts. Wormholes are fake as well, they’re not dangerous at all to the safety of you frame. The purpose of making them is to reproduce an antique finishing. 

Know more about our dark finishing on this page: antique picture frames

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This Reproduction of a vintage silver photo frame fits very well with any kind of photographs or paintings. In conclusion, our advice is to choose this frame for framing an important painting, a photograph or to own just a beautiful frame.