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White Picture Frames gallery. LOOK between the different shapes and BUY them Now! There is a minimum order of about Eur 300. Frames are shipped in 10 days from payment by the best courriers in nice carton boxes. Frames are sold in size 3 meter long.

White Picture Frames for Minimalism

Since modern times begun, I would say after second half of 20th century, minimalism has got a strong increase in every sphere of our day life. Minimalism can be an art trend, a philosofic style or just a way to leave. When we reffer to it, in the field of interior design, we mean a new kind of trend that completly refuses useless complementary staff. Everything have to be useful and have to have a reason to stand out inside an interior. It can’t be there just for an a esthetic reason.

The biggest bet of minimalistic trends is on create the perfect union between objects and their own intrinsically usability. To make an example of something opposite to minimalism I will use Baroque Picture Frames. As you have certaenly noticed if you fallowed the previus link those items are plenty of complementary ornates all around. Their shapes don’t have any other reason to be there than to be handsome.

White Picture Frames in 21th century

White Picture Frames belong to modern times. They start to appear on the frame market around 1920’s when Liberty Style was on trend for the major architets of that time. Modern White Picture Frames have still got few ornaments around even if they are much more sober than baroque picture frames. When it comes to talk about  contemporary White Picture Frames we think about something minimalistic. They always come in a very simple shape. As I have already said before, for minimalism, frames just have to frame pictures or painting or if you wish even mirrors. But in all these three different cases, most of the time, they don’t have any heavy ornaments around. For this reason they can stand out in any modern or contemporary interior in perfect armony with any element inside it.