Gold Picture Frames

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FIND here our Gold Picture Frames. CHOOSE the model that you prefer and BUY it Now! CHECK all the finishing available by clicking on the finishing dropdown botton. We sell the frames in units 3 meter long for a minimum quantity of about Eur 300. You can than cut them at your wish. Worldwide Shipping by the Best courriers.

Gold Picture Frames is a very generic term. It informs us about a particular finishing of the frames. They usually are in silver, gold, laquer or any other kind of varnishing. It is a generic term because does not explain to us which kind of gold it is. There are two kind of gold leaves: Dutch gold leaf and Genuine Gold leaf. Genuine gold leaf can be in 18 carat till 23 carat which is a way to describe its level of purity.

Dutch gold leaf is copper and brass mixed toghether in the right proportion. It looks very similar to gold but hasn’t got the very same good propertyies of it. Actually it’s not so durable as gold. It needs always a special varnishing for protection against atmospheric agents. In the world of Modern Picture Frames we always refer to Gold Picture Frames as made of Dutch gold leaf.

Gold Picture Frames for modern interior

Nowdays Gold picture frames are very different from the ones of the ancient times. We make our modern frames using machinery 80% of the time. Antique Picture Frames instead, in gold as in other finishing, are always handy works. It’s true, as well, that frames today, compared to the old ones, cost nothing. You can become aware of it just surfing around the antique section of this site and taking a look to the prices. They are much more expensive due to the fact that they are entirely made by hand.

Gold picture frames that we treat in this page are modern and partially made with the use of heavy machinery. To prepare them we use indeed Dutch gold leaf. Sometimes is a machine which goes for the gilding process, sometimes not. We apply a thin layer on top of their surface and when it is enough dry we start to gild it. The last step of this process, as said before, is a layer of trasparent varnishing on top of them.

Gold Picture Frames in antique styles

We gild Gold Picture Frames for antique painting by genuine gold leaf 22 carat or Dutch gold leaf. We use Dutch leaf to save some money. They frames would cost 25% less. Any frame is a custom made frame and we are able to change the shape every time. Sometimes we carve them, some times we just use the wood pulp moulding tecnique. That depend on the final price and from the budget of the customer. Wood pulp is pretty good as well. You can’t tell the difference between wood pulp and real wood because there are some layers of gesso on top of it. The final step is the “patina”, which is the most difficult skill that Master Gilder has to learn. Take a look to this video if you wish to know more about tis subject.