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BUY in this page Our Best Black Picture Frames. Most of them are made in pine with High Quality Finishing. SELECT the model above, CHECK the minimum quantity order and add your favorite frame to the Cart. We Ship worldwide in about 10 days from order.

We offer a wide range of Black Picture Frames that you can purchase to frame any kind of modern or antique content.
Some particular antique drawings fit very well with black color. Even if nowdays black is most used for contemporary pictures, the ancient Dutch craftmen had a huge ability in manufacturing and use Black Picture Frames. Antique shapes, most of the times ,are larger than modern ones and had an old matt surface instead of a new glossy one. It’s important to say that Black Picture Frames help the photos or the paintings stand out against the wall. In addition they create a nice contrast with the content which can even be perceived more bright.

Minimum order

The frames come almost always in pine wood which is particularly good for frames because don’t make them bend. In this section of the site we sell packs of minimum Eur 300 of order. It means that if the section width of the frame is quite hight and large, as for example 10 by 5 cm you can purchase just about 10 units. Usually the minimum pack for shipping weight is about 25 Kg and has got always the same volume. Units come three meter long, so you can cut them at your convinience. This particular section of the website is thought to serve architets, interior designer, painters and in general any kind of customer who need to buy a certain quantity of the item and not just one frame.

Chop Service for Black Picture Frames

If you want to buy just one frame you can order it in chop service. We will send it to you ready to be mounted at home. This allowed us, and especially you, to save a bunch of money on shipping courriers. For a custom size Black Picture Frame contact straight away Massimiliano Gurrieri Sale Manager and Master Carver to this page: Contact Us. Ask him for a quote and for any single detail. We will cut the frame in the size you need and send it to you packed in a box.